Healthy Lifestyles IOW’s top tips for e-cig safety

○ Obtain products only from a registered, reputable retailer
Use your e-cigarette as intended and only for you. Don’t modify it in any way
Reduce your risk: Use your vape as a temporary aid to quit smoking.
Our vaping voucher scheme is intended as a temporary measure to help you give up tobacco during the programme.
   Ask your adviser or local vape shop about cutting down nicotine levels and usage to reduce any possible long term risk.
Charge your device safely using the manufacturer’s charger
Use only approved, regulated e-liquid sold from a reputable retailer
Don’t vape THC substances (the main active compound in cannabis) or oil-based liquids
Keep all devices and liquids out of reach of children

Where Can I Use My e-Cig Vouchers?

Please remember your voucher must be used within a week of issue and can only be redeemed in person. For a full list of terms and conditions please refer to your voucher. Please do contact the team on 01983 642 369 if you have any questions around using your e-cig voucher.

Your Smokefree voucher can be used in the following locations:

Rydepunk (Ryde)

179 High Street
PO33 2HN

Steampunk (Newport)

18 St Thomas’ Square
PO30 1SG

MCF Vapes (Newport)

69 Pyle St
PO30 1UJ

Tel: 07730 333 329

Ape Vapes (Newport)

51 St James’ St
PO30 1LQ

Tel: 07539 886 297

Ape Vapes (Shanklin)

47 High Street
Isle of Wight
PO37 6JJ

Tel: 01983 866144

Shanklin Vapours (Shanklin)

29a Regent St
PO27 7AF

Tel: 07801 920 352